Social Enterprise Incubator (SEI) Program

A multi-institutional, multi-phase program that matches youth with existing organizations and
community-embedded projects that have demonstrable impact.

Through entrepreneurial skills building and mentorship, students are guided to solve a unique challenge related to creating scaled and sustainable impact. The program emphasizes the personal growth of participants, captures the value of evidence-informed solutions to societal challenges, and advances nascent social enterprise initiatives to financial sustainability.

SEI Strives to:
Empower graduates to be agents of change through entrepreneurship
Build capacity for socially-driven organizations
Broaden engagement with social innovation across post-secondary institutions
Grow and strengthen a community of social entrepreneurs, establishing Alberta as a leader for social change in Canada

Student Clinics

Course-based, experiential learning opportunities for students.


Internships, or paid, time-bound engagements for students
to gain tactical knowledge related to social innovation
and social enterprise.

Graduate Work Contracts

Contracts, or paid, time-bound engagements for graduates to explore entrepreneurship
through the dissemination of evidence-informed solutions to complex problems.

Enterprise Support

Entrepreneurship skills training and enterprise development services.


2018 Graduates



Program Supporters



This initiative was made possible thanks in part to funding provided by the Government of Alberta.