The KICS Prototyping Lab at SAIT

Where lab space and guidance combine to advance clean energy technology startups and researchers to design, prototype and test their proprietary technologies.  

  • About KICS

    The KICS Prototyping Lab at SAIT is a facility and program that helps Alberta innovators and researchers design, prototype and test their proprietary technologies.

    The impressive 2,200-square-foot facility, located on the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) campus with easy LRT access is designed to accelerate prototyping efforts by offering co-working wet and mechanical lab space, business mentoring services and access to an array of SAIT testing and fabrication facilities. 

    KICS helps energy innovators move their ideas from testing and experimentation to prototype development.

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  • The KICS Program and Facility

    A program that helps clients move from idea to prototype. The KICS program includes access to:

    • The Accelerated Prototype Program - provides clients with a focused framework to develop their prototype. Clients will receive support to develop and execute a detailed project plan that outlines budgets, milestones, testing and other critical items.
    • Co-Working Wet/Dry Bench Space -  offers inventors and researchers affordable access to a secure lab environment with access to fume hoods, meeting rooms and a lunchroom. 
    • World-class Research Facilities, Equipment and Talent - SAIT's Applied Research and Innovation Services (ARIS) department offers fee-based services for any testing, fabrication or experimentation required during prototype development. Access to ARIS's specialized labs and equipment is complemented by collaboration with students and research staff.
    • Commercialization Services - Fee-for-service access to specialized services and entrepreneurial development programs for members looking to build a company or license their research to an existing company. Services include: Intellectual Property Management, Grant Assistance and Guidance, Industry Technology Championship, Energy Technology Incubation and Accelerator Services.



  • The KICS Lab

    Located within the Applied Research and Innovation Services (ARIS) department at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), the KICS lab offers co-working space for up to eight researchers or innovators. The space includes access to:

    • Three fume hoods/chemical workbenches
    • Mechanical/electrical workbenches
    • Bench ventilation and vacuum systems
    • Sinks, compressed air, natural gas
    • Internet
    • Common lunchroom
    • Meeting rooms
    • Fee-for-service testing and fabrication facilities



  • SAIT Research Capabilities

    SAIT's 35,000-square-foot research facility, along with the research expertise of the Applied Research and Innovation department, are available on both a grant-funded and a fee-for-service basis to KICS members. 

    Special Laboratories:

    • Enerplus Centre for Innovation (Industrial-scale fabrication lab)
    • Environmental Chambers (Hotbox/envelope thermal testing)
    • Class 10,000 Clean Room (420 sq ft)
    • Solids Modeling Lab (3D scanning and printing, CAD)
    • Composites Fabrication Lab
    • Environmental Technologies mobile lab facilities
    • Water Innovation and Sustainability Centre - MacPhail School of Energy
    • Chemical Analysis Lab
    • Materials Testing Lab
    • SAIT RFID Test Lab
    • Green Building Technologies Lab and Demonstration Centre
    • Building Integrated Solar Thermal Lab
    • Solar Lab
    • Solar Rollar (Solar-powered mobile lab)
    • RFID Application Development Lab (RADLab)
    • Centre for Innovative Information Technology Solutions
    • Industry Innovation labs
    • SAIT-AIM Innovative Manufacturing Centre (Plastics, composites, injection molding)