Did You Know...

• Innovate Calgary was named one of Canada’s top 10 Incubators and Accelerators in 2013 by Backbone Magazine.

• The ARTC Corporate Identity program is available to entrepreneurs and early-stage companies that may not be ready for physical space, but require the use of professional meeting facilities and business services.

• Innovate Calgary operates the Research Transition Facility (RTF) on behalf of the University of Calgary. The RTF was developed to assist University-based entrepreneurs incubate new ideas and discoveries into marketable products and services.

• The ARTC is a hub for activity in the technology community holding dozens of events monthly.

• 96% occupancy rate in 2013/14.

• The ARTC Advisory Council was established to engage clients, identify new opportunities, and proactively address potential challenges. Members include tenants, Calgary Economic Development, City of Calgary and business community representatives.


Alastair Ross Technology Centre

Approaching Commercialization Differently: More than Bricks and Mortar

The Alastair Ross Technology Centre (ARTC) was built on a vision to help diversify Calgary’s economy and meet the growing needs of its advanced technology sector.  But it is more than bricks and mortar, it is about building a community, having a place where entrepreneurs and startups can come together to connect and grow. Today the ARTC— a 120,000 square foot facility— is home to approximately 40 tenants and 70 Corporate ID clients.  It offers flexible lease arrangements, access to services and programs to help grow and develop startup companies, and proximity to a support network of peers and experienced mentors.

A Client’s Journey through the ARTC:

Gordon McDonald founder, CEO and president of Process Pathways— a market leader in research administration software— is no stranger to the Alastair Ross Technology Centre (ARTC).  First starting in the Research Transition Facility his company quickly grew and he moved to the ARTC into what he refers to: “as a fabulous little corner office on the main floor”.  Shortly thereafter Gordon’s company grew again and he relocated his team to a 3,500 square foot office on the second floor where his company stayed for two to three years, building custom software for universities and developing ROMEO, its flagship research management system product.  When Gordon’s company decided to open offices in other locations throughout Canada he required less space for his Calgary office and was able to downsize to accommodate the company’s needs. 

“Finding space that is able and willing to accommodate the unique needs of a startup is a very difficult thing. Some other facilities have strict leasing terms in regards to the length of the lease and financial requirements that can often be difficult for startups to meet.  The ARTC’s flexible leasing terms and willingness to work with us as our company went through its various stages of growth and downsizing is one of the key reasons why we choose to locate here.” 

- Gordon McDonald, founder, CEO and president, Process Pathways

In addition to the flexible leasing terms there were several other key factors that were important to Process Pathways, these included:

•  Proximity to the LRT and public transportation
•  Availability of on-site parking
•  Professional, responsive, and friendly team
•  Prestigious location (University Research Park)
•  Dynamic and energizing atmosphere
•  Events and activities available for employees to take part in on-site

Process Pathways continues to secure its position as a market leader and in 2013 made a technology investment in providing its software as a service through its Canadian data centre located in Calgary.  ROMEO CLOUD is a hybrid software system that connects with an institution’s local IT services to bring a new generation of tracking and reporting to the research office. This delivery model makes the ROMEO software more affordable and secure than many on premise systems.



Alastair Ross Technology Centre
3553 - 31 Street NW,
Calgary, AB T2L 2K7


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